Lightroom trick: Batch adjust timestamps to sync multiple cameras

As a wedding photographer handling files from multiple cameras from a single event, I always need to be able to sync the timestamps across the camera bodies, in order to have a full set of photos that can be sorted in chronological order.

But most of the time, I'm not starting in the same physical location as my second photographers -- I usually start with bride prep and have my second start at groom prep.  And, let's face it -- I often just forget to sync my own two cameras to each other before I go out to shoot.

There's a ridiculously easy way built right into Lightroom to batch adjust all the timestamps from one camera to get them perfectly synced up to the timestamps from another camera.  I wrote a full tutorial on this process, complete with easy-to-follow screenshots, for -- check it out here!

And here's a sneak preview of that tutorial, giving you a glimpse of my recommended little trick that makes this tip even easier to use:

Lightroom batch adjust timestamps | Lightroom mentoring and tutorials

Hope this little tutorial comes in handy for you!  Feel free to contact me with any questions!