Hi there, I'm Christina Keddie!  As you've hopefully figured out by now, I am a wedding, event, and portrait photographer based in Princeton, New Jersey, shooting primarily in the central NJ area.  (But do inquire about my travel availability and rates!)

I like to think that I'm the perfect combination of left and right brains.  :)  For years, I was a lawyer in big corporate firms, and my life was one of perfectionism, crazy attention to technical details, and straight up logical, analytical thinking.  Back at home, I would unwind by teaching myself all the technical ins and outs of photography, reveling in mastering the details of something I loved doing for myself.  I loved geeking out on the science of light and learning the math behind perfect exposure.

What really makes me tick, though, is using the analytical side of my brain to create true beauty.  I love finding the light and painting a gorgeous portrait with it.  All of my technical calculations happen instinctively now, and that side of my brain quiets as I revel in the perfect bit of backlighting caressing my daughter's hair, or the amazing split second of pure joy in a groom's face as he sees his bride for the first time, or countless other picture perfect moments.

I understand how important it is to try to freeze time in a photograph.  I'm the mother of three wonderful children and I've spent much of the last six years trying to capture every single memory with them that I can.  (You'll see my Joshua, Sophia, and Alexa featured prominently on my Instagram feed!)

Finally, I'm a true extrovert -- I love meeting and spending time with people.  And I believe that getting to know you better will help me to create the perfect portraits for you, capturing your style and catching your vision for your wall art and albums.  I like meeting with all of my clients before I ever have them in front of my lens, and I offer pre- and post-session consults to walk alongside you through the entire experience.  So I look forward to connecting with you, and finding out more about what you're looking for in a photographer!

Contact me today to book me or to set up an initial consultation!

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(Action photos taken by two of my wonderful second photographers, Amy Wells and John Jameson.)